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From a young age I have always been fascinated by the worlds that can be created through film and stop motion. Having been drawn to the weird and macabre I have  always wanted to live in these worlds and explore them. As I got older I found school a challenge due to my ADHD and difference in social skills and because of this art became an escape for me, painting building and creating was something I was constantly doing where I quickly found the world of filmmaking and fell in love. 

7 years on and 3 film qualifications later I still enjoy every moment on and off of set. Building props and sets became more and more interesting to me as it made me feel like I was part of these worlds.


My goal for my career is to work with others and push ourselves and each other to create the best work we can. For me I feel my best work is and will be in stop motion animation set building and specialist prop design as this is where I really  feel my talents lie.

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